Education System in Chennai

Chennai, the Capital of Tamil Nadu known worldwide for many reasons. Education is one of them. The literacy rate in Chennai is second best among all Indian Metropolitan cities. Here are located some of the top institutes for higher education in India. For example; Loyola College, IIT Madras, University of Madras and Madras Institute of Technology (MIT), etc. Chennai is one of the safest city in India to visit. International students show great interests here.

School education in Chennai begins as soon as a child completes 2 years of age. There are many play schools in Chennai to prepare small kids for enrollment in formal education that begins by the time a child attains age of 5 year. Largely school education is administered by Chennai Corporation and affiliated with Tamil Board of Secondary Education and Central Board of Secondary Education. But affiliation is not limited to these two boards only. You can find schools affiliated with other boards like National Institute of Open Schooling, Council of Indian School Certificate Examination and International Baccalaureate.

The Chennai Corporation offers benefit of Tamil Nadu Government Welfare Scheme to students. As a part of scheme government provides following benefits
  • Laptops to students of XI and XII.
  • Free Text books for all the students of I to XII Standard.
  • Free Uniforms and Note books are given to the pupils under the mid-day meals scheme in all Corporation Schools.
  • Special Fee exemption are being rendered to the students who belong to SC, ST, MBC and BC in 9th and 10th Std.
  • Scholarships are being given to SC, ST, MBC and BC Students studying in 11th and 12th Std.
  • Scholarships for the wards of The Conservancy Workers.
  • Bi-Cycles are given to the Girls students belong to SC, ST, MBC and BC in 11th and 12th Standard.
  • Free Bus Passes are given to students every year from their residents to the School.
Activity based learning is encouraged.

Typically education in a child’s life in Chennai works like follows:
  • Age: 2 year and 6 month to 5 year- Play School
  • Age: 5 year to 19 year – Formal School Education (K-1 to K-12)
  • Age: 19 year and above- College Education and Higher
School education is available in Tamil and English. But also you can find some schools delivering classes in Urdu and Telugu. College education is available in major study disciplines. Both 3 and 4 year college programmes are offered. The university classes are primarily delivered in English.

To add to learning Chennai has many libraries. The Connemara Public Library is one of four National Depository Centers in India. The library gets all newspapers and books published in the country. The Anna Centenary Library is the largest library in Asia.

Chennai has many synonymous attached to it;
  • Detroit of South Asia
  • Gateway of South India
  • India's Health Capital
  • City of Flyovers
  • Banking Capital of India
If you are looking for education in an Indian Metropolitan city Chennai could make a better choice.

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